World Hemp Oil Partners With NutraCann to Offer Essence™ CBD Products, Comparable to Charlotte’s Web, Legal Nationwide

SAN MARCOS, Texas, Feb. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — World Hemp Oil (, a retailer and wholesaler of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil, has partnered with NutraCann, to carry their Essence™ CBD products in its online store. Essence™ CBD is a high concentration, all-natural, Cannabidiol-rich Hemp Oil which is now offered as an oil tincture, a vaporizing liquid, a concentrated paste and in capsule form. World Hemp Oil offers wholesale pricing for each product in packages of 10, 50 and 100.

Essence™ CBD oil is comparable to the Charlotte’s Web strain grown in Colorado, but is derived from industrial hemp and imported, making it legal in all 50 states.

NutraCann Labs, a subsidiary of FutureWorld Corp, has spent the last few months ensuring all source material was free of heavy metals or other toxins. The results of the company’s efforts have made available an absolutely pristine quality whole-food supplement that represents “the Essence” of the plant says Don Ballou, CEO of NutraCann Labs. There are some hundreds of phytonutrients that exist in hemp plants and it is absolutely essential to capture the full spectrum of these valuable & beneficial molecules. Using Super Critical Extraction Technology (CO2) makes it possible to extract the essential phytonutrients without the use of excessive heat or other undesirable solvents. NutraCann’s Real Pharmaceutical Grade CBD-rich hemp oil comes from the whole hemp plant and does not contain any synthetics nor is it an isolate.

World Hemp Oil is working with American Seed and Oil Company to manufacture the disposable CBD vaporizer, EpiVape, and be the first to wholesale CBD oil produced by American farmers. The EpiVape vaporizer has a socially acceptable, non-cigarette shape, and has received a lot of attention to date.

CEO of World Hemp Oil and creator of the EpiVape, Christopher Cain, who suffers from muscle spasms due to a spinal cord injury says, “There is an urgent need to make medical marijuana available to people with serious neurological disorders such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s, MS and spinal cord injuries in all states. At this time, the public is racing to states who have passed medical marijuana laws in order to find relief for loved ones’ suffering. Instead of going to Colorado, people can legally get quality imported CBD oil in all 50 states.

World Hemp Oil does not grow, sell or distribute any substances that violate United States Law or the controlled substance act. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently considers hemp based Cannabinoids, including CBD, to be “food based” and therefore legal.

FutureWorld Corp. is a leading provider of advanced technologies and solutions to the global cannabis industry. FutureWorld, with its subsidiaries, focuses on the identification, acquisition, development, and commercialization of cannabis related products and services, such as industrial Hemp. FutureWorld, through its subsidiaries, provides personal and professional THC and CBD test kits, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil solutions, SafeVape vaporizers, smart sensor technology, communication network, surveillance security, data analysis for smart cultivation and consultation for the industrial hemp and legal medicinal cannabis. Our wireless agricultural smart sensor networks offer precision to the agriculture, irrigation systems, and greenhouses for the global cannabis and hemp industry. FutureWorld and its subsidiaries do not grow, distribute or sell marijuana.

FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLOSURE: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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By William Sumner of Marijuana Investment News

“If World Hemp Oil’s CBD oil works as advertised and is properly marketed, this could shake up the medical marijuana industry. There would be a cheaper, more widely available, alternative to CBD-only cannabis; and the people who are invested in CBD-only marijuana would face legitimate competition.

This introduction of World Hemp Oil’s CBD oil alternative may not uproot the cannabis industry, but it may bring hope to desperate families in need of some relief.”
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