Highest CBD, Superior Quality

Compare our oil to anyone in the industry. We are determined to produce the highest quality of CBD oil at the lowest price, so that our wholesale and retail clients can offer products to their customers that are effective and affordable daily.

Our proprietary purification process allows our oil to be easily introduced into all types of products without modification. It can be used in tinctures and edibles as well as vaporizers in its current state without chemical additives. We are also able to offer a water-soluble formulation for drinks and topical application. This also increases the bioavailability, or absorption by the body.

We oversee the oil production from seed to the final, refined product. Our hemp is certified organic European hemp that has been specially grown to produce high CBD content. It is extracted using Supercritical CO2 and imported into the USA where it is refined and purified using our proprietary process. The result is a beautiful full spectrum oil with the highest CBD levels in the industry and a wide profile of beneficial terpenes.

Contact us for consultation on your oil and formulation needs for any particular product.