The Best of the Best for 2016!

Stop buying bad CBD extract and low CBD oil at ridiculous prices. We offer the highest quality in the world to our clients at the lowest prices, so they can offer their customers affordable products that have effective amounts of CBD. Finally, end users can benefit from CBD on a daily basis. This leads to continued sales for our clients.

Our mission is to produce higher concentrated, refined oil at the lowest cost, so that our clients can afford to put 5 to the 10 times the amount of CBD in their products. We extract European grown organic hemp using a non-solvent supercritical process. Our 2016 harvest produced the best CBD enriched oil the world. New proprietary advancements in refinement and purification of the oil allows us to produce a full spectrum hemp oil with a much higher percentage of CBD and a full profile of all the best medicinal terpenes. These terpenes are crucial to the full medicinal benefits of CBD oil, and the other oils on the market lose their terpenes during the extraction process. We have created a quality CBD oil from outdoor hemp that far exceeds the medicinal abilities of a Charlotte’s Web. We will beat any price in the industry, and we do not fake our CBD percentages of our natural oil by adding a synthetic or crystalline isolate.

Our CBD Oils

SuperCBD Honey

65% CBD full spectrum extract with 15% multi-profile terpenes

This is our top demanded product. It can be used in virtually any product. It has the consitantcy of molasses and is perfect for tinctures, gel-caps, and edibles. It can be mixed with protein oils such as hemp seed oil, olive oil, or coconut oil to create products with various CBD levels.

MegaCBD Gold

80% CBD full spectrum extract with 15% multi-profile terpenes

We consider MegaCBD Gold as the best refined CBD oil in the world. At 850 mgs of CBD per gram, it is perfect for those producing products with high amounts of CBD. It has the consistency of a wax or sap. From high CBD gel-caps to skin care products to transdermal applications, MegaCBD can take you products to a level beyond your competition

SuperCBD Vape

65% CBD E-liquid with 20% terpenes. All natural with no Propylene Glygol (PG)

The first all natural CBD vaping liquid in the industry. 99% of all CBD vaping oils on the market contain mostly vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol with only a few milligrams of CBD. Your vaping producuts can can now contain 10 times the CBD as others with our vaping oil that is extremely high in CBD.

GreenCBD Extract

20% full spectrum extract paste – fully decarbed

This is the extracted paste before it is refined and purified. It still contains the waxes, fats, and chlorophyll. This paste is for creating low CBD tinctures and gel-caps. Not used as a drink additive, and not recommended as an additive for edibles due to its texture and potent taste.

IsoCBD Crystal

99% CBD crystalline isolate. Not a synthetic. Water-soluble version also available

Our oil broken down to an isolate crystalline of CBD only. All other minor cannabinoids and terpenes have been removed. Not recommended as just a sole additive to your products, because of lack of a full spectrum of beneficial materials in the oil to complete the “entourage effect.”

MegaCBD Gold – Water Soluble

80% CBD full spectrum extract mixed 50/50 with emulsifier

Our finest oil mixed with a safe, food grade emulsifier. The result is the perfect additive for your beverage and edible products.

With our high concentration oils, you are able to offer a full range of products to satisfy your customers. You can dilute the oils by adding hemp seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and vaping additives to create a variety of products.

World Hemp Oil is an American company and our oil is located stateside, therefore eliminating expensive import costs. For companies located outside of the United States, we will discount your order to accommodate shipping expenses.

Reserve your oil needs immediately, because this initial batch from the first harvest will be gone quickly. New clients will receive a first order discount of 10%. We pride ourselves on retaining clients.