World Hemp Oil seeks to provide top quality CBD oil at the lowest price to businesses to infuse into their products (edibles, lotions, tinctures, capsules, etc.), and to consumers to use as needed. Our own products will be coming on the market soon. They will be available for rebranding and distributing.

Initially, World Hemp Oil is importing the highest qualityCBDoil from overseas. We have researched extensively to find it, and have subsequently partnered with European farmers to ensure that our hemp is grown organically. We extract using CO2, which is the cleanest method currently used in processing CBD oil. Along with our proprietary refining process, the final product retains the highest medicinal quality. Other top hemp oil companies use only the stalks and stems of the plant. They import from countries where the air and water are full of pollutants, which shows their lack of consideration for human use of the end product.

World Hemp Oil is in the unique position of having a founder who also uses CBD oil as a patient. His initial research and development process was instrumental in speeding up the search for the best oil available.

We feel that CBD oil will become the next popular supplement like Omega 3 to be included in everything from edibles to lotions. Our mission is to harvest and refine the highest quality hemp oil. We are ramping up to become the world’s source for the highest quality CBD oil in the industry at the most affordable cost.

World Hemp Oil does not grow, sell or distribute any substances that violate United States Law or the controlled substance act. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently considers hemp based Cannabinoids, including CBD, to be “food based” and therefore legal.
FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLOSURE: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.